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A room at the Rose Tavern, Drury Lane (after the painting at Sir John Soane's Museum); to l., Tom, surrounded by prostitutes and clearly drunk, sprawls on a chair with his foot on the table; one young woman embraces him and steals his watch, another…

Autolycus was a thief disguised as a pedlar who appears in Shakespeare's play A Winter's Tale. He is shown here selling cheap goods and sensational printed ballads to gullible country folk. Leslie based the background sky and the ash tree at the…

Bänkelsänger in Basel, in front of the "Wirtshaus zur Henne" on the Nadelberg. The sung pictures show the earthquake of Basel 1356 and the floods in Hölstein 1830.

Hanging_of_William_Kidd in chains.jpg
Kidd was tried at the Old Bailey, London, in May 1701. He was found guilty of murder and piracy and was hanged at Execution Dock. Kidd's body was then suspended on a gibbet at Tilbury Point on the lower reaches of the Thames.
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