A New made MEDLY Compos'd out of sundry SONGS,


A New made MEDLY Compos'd out of sundry SONGS,


For Sport and Pastime for the most ingenious Lovers of Wit and Mirth. To the Tune of State and Ambition. Licensed according to Order.


Many different song titles or memorable lines all rolled into one song!

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Magdalene College - Pepys Library, Pepys Ballads 5.411; EBBA 22333 

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State and Ambition


STate and Ambition, all Joy to great Caesar, Sawney shall ne'er be my Colly my Cow;
All hail to the shades, all joy to the Bridegroom, and call upon Dobin with Hi, je, ho.
Remember ye Whigs what was formerly done, and Jenny come tye my bonny Cravat;
If I live to grow Old, for I find I go down, for I cannot come every day to Wooe.

Jove in his Throne was a Fumbler, Tom Farthing, and Jockey and Jenny together did lye;
Oh Mother Roger, Boys, fill us a Bumper, for why will you dye, my poor Caelia, ah! why?
Hark! how the thundring Cannons do roar, Ladies of London, both wealthy and fair,
Charon mast hast, and Ferry me over, Lilli burlero, bellen a lah.

Cloris awake, Four-pence-half-penny-farthing, give me the Lass that is true Country bred;
Like John of Gaunt, I walk in Covent-garden, I am a Maid, and a very good Maid.
Two bonny Lads was Sawney and Jockey, the Delights of the Bottle, and Charms of good Wine
Wading the Water so deep, my sweet Moggy, cold and raw, let it run in the right Line.

Old Obadiah sings Ave Maria, sing Lulla-by-Baby, with a Dildo;
The Old Woman and her Cat sate by the Fire, now this is my Love, d' y' like her ho?
Old Charon thus preach'd to his Pupil Achilles, and under this Stone here lies Gabriel John:
Happy was I at the sight of fair Phillis, what should a young Woman do with an old Man.

There's an old Father Petres with his Romish Creatures. there was an old Woman sold Pudding & Pies
Cannons with Thunder shall fill them with wonder I once lov'd a Lass that had bright rowling eyes
There's my Maid Mary she do's mind her Dairy, I took to my heels, and away I did run,
And bids him prepare to be happy to morrow, alas! I don't know the right end of a Gun.

My Life and Death do's lye both in your Power, and every Man to his Mind, Shrowsbury for me;
On a Bank of a Brook as I sate fishing, shall I dye a Maid now, and ne'er Married be.
Uds bobs, Let Oliver now be forgotten, Jone is as good as my Lady in the dark:
Cuckold's are Christians, Boys, all the World over, and here's a full Bumper to Robin John Clark.

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Printed for P. Brooksby, J, Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back.


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