This exhibition and performance project would not have been possible without the support of many individuals and key organisations. The Grainger Museum thanks all contributors, named and unnamed. The research of Wendy Couch in the 1980s, and Louise Devenish in the 2010s, is deeply acknowledged in the creation  of this exhibition.

Project artistic advisor: Peter Neville

Key intellectual contributors: Susan Bamford Caleo, Biddy Connor, Wendy Couch, Jonathan Drews, Paul Fletcher, Anton Hasell, Anthony Lyons and the students of B.Mus Interactive Composition (2019), Neil McLachlan, Kaylie Melville, Sheah Sutton, Kate Tempany, John Rechter, Toni Sampson, John Seal, Eugene Ughetti, Leon Rong Sim Wei, Darcy Zelenko and the post-graduate students of Studio 18 (2019), Melbourne School of Design

Key organisational lenders: Federation Handbells (Museums Victoria/Creative Victoria), Speak Percussion

Private lenders: Wendy Couch, Anton Hasell, Neil McLachlan, Elaine Miles, John Seal

Grainger Museum team: Exhibition Curator: Heather Gaunt, Exhibition Coordinator: Brian Allison, Exhibitions Marketing and Events Coordinator: Chelsea Harris, Grainger Museum Coordinator: Clare Evanson

Video production: Learning Environments, University of Melbourne