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Grainger Photographed: Public Facades and Intimate Spaces


The Grainger Museum collection includes approximately 15,000 photographs made up of a wide range of photographic technologies and representing a vast array of photographic styles. The majority of images in the collection are of people including many fine portraits. This web exhibition is drawn from a temporary exhibition held at the Grainger Museum between September 2017 and March 2018. The selection and grouping of images, and stories they generate,  are one curator’s choice. This rich repository has many more stories yet to tell.


Exhibition curated by Brian Allison

Experiments in Freedom: Grainger's Free Music


This online exhibition explores key areas of Percy Grainger's Free Music, including his experiments with traditional instruments to make new sounds, his transformation of everyday objects into experimental music machines, his documentation of the experimental process, and contemporary reconstructions of Grainger's ideas. The online exhibition is based on a 2016 Grainger Museum exhibition project entitled Experiments in Freedom