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Stool used by Rose Grainger in her home with her son Percy Grainger. Rose probably purchased this stool in New York, in the period 1915-1920s.
Carved Rosewood Chinese stool with inlaid marble top, Approx 40 x 40 x 40cm

MLachlan harmonic gongs display.jpg
These are a suit of innovative instruments designed and created by Neil McLachlan. Neil McLachlan is an Associate Professor with the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne. Like Anton Hasell, his research and…

Box which contained Ella Grainger's hair;
Ella Grainger's hair from shoulder to waist length, cut off by RIche LTD. 14 Hay Hill Berkely Square, London W.1. in order to give to Grainger Museum, The University of melbourne ( cut off Sept. 20 1948)

1. Box containing PG and RG hair
2.A lock of Percy Grainger's hair, yellow blonde in colour and tied with a red ribbon. Sent to the museum in an elaborate handmade cardboard envelope. Other Information: Stored with original cardboard packaging.

2 silver gelatin prints enclosed in a photo wallet. "P.G. initials are embossed in gold on the front of the wallet. 'Cross' is also embossed along the internal fold line of the wallet, perhaps indicating the manufacturer or photographer. Photo 1 on…

04.0351 Aims of the Grainger Museum.jpg
An essay written by Percy Grainger on his goals and intentions for the museum. Grainger created a display "Legend" of this content, typed out and framed, for exhibition in the Grainger Museum, University of Melbourne. Wooden frame, gold-painted…

Slanting desk case design.jpg
Percy Grainger had a number of unique cases designed for the Grainger Museum, in preparation for the official opening in December 1938. The slanting desk case was created to showcase Percy Grainger's music manuscripts and his drawings of Free Music…

Heinze letter to PG 1936 and photo of Museum web.tif
In this letter, Heinze shares an image of the Grainger Museum at the completion of its first phase, with Percy Grainger. Grainger had participated in early design of the Museum, but was obliged to leave the project with the local team of architects,…
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