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VCS 3 view 2 Amber Haines image credit.jpg
Detail of the EMS VCS3 at MESS, showing the patch panel and dials.

Tristram Cary in his studio.jpg
Tristram Cary in his electronic studio at Fressingfield, UK, early 1970s

David Chesworth performing 50 synth greats at the Toff in Town.jpg
David Chesworth launched the re-release of his debut 1979 album '50 Synthesizer Greats' (Chapter Music) in September 2017 in a live performance at the Toff in Town venue in Melbourne. Chesworth recreated his parents’ 70s lounge room on stage and…

50 Synthesizer Greats cover.jpg
Sound artist David Chesworth was only 21 when he composed and recorded '50 Synthesizer Greats'. Originally self-released, the album 50 Synthesizer Greats is actually 37 tracks of minimal synth investigations, full of humour and playful…

David Chesworth at MESS.jpg
David Chesworth was one of the two inaugural Artists-in-residence at MESS in 2017. David has had a long and rich association with analogue and digital synthesizers. Early in his career, he recorded the iconic '50 Synthesizer Greats', on an Akai 4000…

Reverberations photo Dodds.jpg
Felix Werder, Ian Bonighton, Keith Humble and Ron Nagorcka with the newly released LP Reverberations, c. 1973. The LP included 'Cathedral Music 1' by Ian Bonighton, 'Toccata' by Felix Werder, 'Theme and Variations' by Ron Nagorcka, and 'Paraphrase…
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