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Grainger Museum Collection Index written by Percy Grainger.pdf
This is Percy Grainger's original index of the Grainger Museum Collection, partly typed and partly hand-written, approximately 130 pages. At the start of the volume is a "Rough alphabetical guide to Grainger Museum Index Numbers", followed by the…

99.2200 detail Karen Holten dressed in PGs clothes.JPG
Karen Holten and Percy Grainger were in a relationship in the early 1900s. See

99.4400 lust branch detail.JPG
This photograph shows elements of the photographic setup Percy Grainger created in his home at White Plains, to capture his flagellation practices on film.

1. Amended Ground plan with "future staircase" marked (dated 3 October 1938)
2. Proposed Additions to the Grainger Museum (undated)
3. Ground plan, blue paper with white writing (undated)
4. Grainger Museum, sky-view sketch (December 1938)

Collection of architects' plans and miscellaneous sketches (some are layout plans in Ella Grainger's hand) of Grainger Museum, held in brown folder. This collection includes a set of blueprints (folded) dating from May 1935. Some other material…

01.3543 Ella.JPG
Display mannequin, created from tape, calico, cardboard, cotton, gauze, Plaster of Paris, straw, thread. Size: 161 x 53cm. Letter from the Grainger Museum Archive
This mannequin was made by Kathleen and William Rogers, at Arch Hill Studio, Albany…

Jacket created and worn by Ella Grainger, using towels purchased in Australia in the 1930s. Pink towelling jacket with high collar, cream and apricot stripes either side of centre front opening. Machine sewn using manufactured towels. Towel label…

04.5232 signature detail.jpg
Pale blue and white towelling jacket with full sleeves (pink and blue spotted stripes on outer side of sleeve) gathered at the wrist. The jacket is fastened at the left shoulder with 2 large red plastic buttons and laces up at the centre back seam.…
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