Pair of Chinese vases 晚清粉彩瓷

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Pair of Chinese vases 晚清粉彩瓷


Chinese ceramic ware is an art form that has been developing for thousands of years and prospered in various forms. Prior to the seventh century, monochrome wares dominated the ceramic production and favoured by the aristocracy class. It is not until the ninth century, multicoloured ceramic ware became popular in China. The increasing trades and importation of foreign pigments in Ming dynasty brought a greater range of colour and tone to Chinese porcelain. More complex patterns and subject matters start to appear the surface of the Chinese porcelain. During this period, craftsmen draw inspiration from folklore engravings and closely related to civilian’s life and work. This pair of Chinese vases is a fine example of the close-to-life subject matter used on porcelain. It provides a lively depiction of people in the vegetable garden.


Early 1800s