Carved box 漆器雕花盒

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Carved box 漆器雕花盒


DESCRIPTION: Oblong, hinged lid, on four ball-shaped legs. Inscribed brass plaque on inside lid (see Inscriptions). Currently contains 7 silver-coloured large beads. Inside it is another box, cardboard, also with an inscribed lid.
INSCRIPTIONS: On inner lid: "Percy Grainger Hon. Musician Art Club SASKATSEN 1936". On outer lid: "Miss Hedley Yule 1922". Cinnabar lacquer over brass. Size: 4.4 x 10.0 x 8cm.
OVERVIEW: The elaborate decoration of lacquerware requires intensive labour to produce. Carved lacquer is the purest form of lacquer art and a uniquely Chinese achievement in lacquer art. The decoration to the lacquerware is carved on built-up layers of thinly applied coats of lacquer into a three-dimensional design. This method of lacquer production reached its greatest flourishing from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century in China. This carved lacquer box depicts a young scholar with his boy attendant paying a visit to a senior scholar. It may relate to the Confucius tale about Confucius visiting Laozi for philosophical discussion on the meaning of life. The tale symbolises eagerness to seek new knowledge.
Text: XiXi, 2020