Lotus shoes 莲花鞋

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Lotus shoes 莲花鞋


DESCRIPTION: silk, thread, linen, wooden base.
OVERVIEW: Shoes are conical or sheath-shaped, intended to imitate the shape of lotus flowers. They are made of cotton or silk, so small that they can be put into the palm of your hand. Some designs have high heels or wedge soles. They are made in different styles and colours, usually ornately decorated and embroidered with animals or flowers, and they can continue to be used on soles. When wearing lotus shoes under a long skirt, it will bind the small feet. Although lotus shoes are no longer bound with women's feet, they are still exist as relics in museums or private collections.
In history, it has provided so much cultural fascination and ethical debate of the traditional Chinese practice of foot binding. This kind of shoes will leave a beautiful lotus pattern when stepping on the soil, which is called "lotus shoes by steps".



Grainger Museum


early twentieth century


Grainger Museum