Assembly Operation Ceramic Stupa, 2017

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Dublin Core


Assembly Operation Ceramic Stupa, 2017


This Stupa is made from 11 individual components and is modelled on the three stupas (pagodas) known as Three pools reflecting the moon, from the West Lake in Hangzhou, China. In performance, the 11 components are sounded as individual percussion instruments and gradually constructed to reveal this form, which is also featured on the one Yuan (RMB) note.

Assembly Operation uses objects in performance to connect a multitude of interrelated ideas. These objects are simultaneously musical, visual and theatrical. Assembly Operation is a work born out of the Chinese one Yuan (RMB) note. All of the central concepts and imagery of the work can be traced back either metaphorically or literally to one side of the one Yuan note. Within the scene Three pools reflecting the moon there is a body of water, a bridge and three stone stupas (pagodas). Assembly Operation brings together three percussionists who form an assembly line to extract exquisite sound from three iconic representations of Chinese culture: paper, ceramics and low-fi electronics.




On loan from Speak Percussion


On loan from Speak Percussion