Reflection 2004

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Reflection 2004


Elaine Miles is an artist with a 25-year career that revolves around the ancient craft of glass making. For over 15-years Miles has embraced an intuitive approach to exploring the potential of glass as sound material (or as a source of ‘free’ form melody). Miles’ hand-blown glass has been heard and seen in exhibitions, recordings and live performances nationally and internationally. Arguably the most significant collaboration of Miles’ career has been with Speak Percussion’s Director, percussionist and composer Eugene Ughetti. Miles and Ughetti collaborated from 2005 to 2010 under the name The Glass Percussion Project (GPP), with an evolution built alongside and intertwined with Ughetti’s involvement with Speak Percussion.

These hand-blown glass gongs were first played by musicians in Elaine’s lounge room in 2004. They were arranged into Balinese Pelog scales and resonated with sounds like Gamelans. When Eugene Ughetti first saw the glass gongs at Miles’ home in 2005, he conceptualised a different approach to how the gongs could be sounded. This was realised through the following years of Miles’ and Ughetti’s collaboration. When the gongs were played as part of The Glass Percussion Project, Ughetti brought a strong interest in what he called “new tuning systems”.



On loan to the Grainger Museum from Elaine Miles


2004. Display in Grainger Museum 2019


On loan from Elaine Miles