Swan Bell sound sculpture, 2012

Hasell Swan bell.jpg

Dublin Core


Swan Bell sound sculpture, 2012


Playful, interactive and participatory public-space artworks, like the Federation Bells Carillon and Federation Handbells, are central to Hasell’s public art design practice. In shared spatial experience, they encourage people to listen to their own, and to others’, creative playfulness.

This artwork, made from cast bronze (swan and bell) and copper (resonator), evokes memories for Hasell of the black swans on Pertobe Lake, Warrnambool, calling to one another in soft tones. Hasell invites visitors to the exhibition to “pull the neck of the Swan and the bronze harmonic bell will sound its plaintive call, just don’t blame me if you find yourself unusually noticed, even followed, by those swans you may come across in your travels.”



On loan from the artist




On loan from Anton Hasell