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watercolour, ink and graphite on paper

Elaine Miles Glass Percussion Project.jpg
Elaine Miles is an artist with a 25-year career that revolves around the ancient craft of glass making. For over 15-years Miles has embraced an intuitive approach to exploring the potential of glass as sound material (or as a source of ‘free’…

Tempany adeepblueshimmeringhaze 2019.pdf
Graduate composition student Kate Tempany was the 2019 Grainger Museum Composer-in-Residence. Kate’s composition, a deep blue shimmering haze, was created as an interactive soundscape for the exhibition How it Plays.

Black and white photograph.

16.5 x 21.6 cm

The men present in the picture are (left to right): Scott, Quilter, PG, Norman O’Neil, Edward Milner, Basil Cameron. Inscriptions at the back appear to relate to the handling of the photograph.

Melba was aware of both the commercial benefits and broad reach that gramophone records offered. This advertisement promotes her records at reduced prices with the aim of making them accessible to a greater number of people.

This opera score was inscribed prior to Melba’s adoption of her famous stage name in December 1887. A derivation honouring her native city of Melbourne, the name was selected to sound Italian and be easily remembered.

Despite her success as Elsa…

Speak Percussion ceramic stupa.jpg
This Stupa is made from 11 individual components and is modelled on the three stupas (pagodas) known as Three pools reflecting the moon, from the West Lake in Hangzhou, China. In performance, the 11 components are sounded as individual percussion…

This autograph book contains inscriptions and signatures from many people associated with Melba. Included are: Giacomo Puccini, Paolo Tosti, Mathilde Marchesi, Salvatore Marchesi, Haddon Chambers, Herman Bemberg, Efrem Zimbalist, Elizabeth Parkina,…
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