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murder of William of Orange.jpg
Prince William of Orange was assassinated by a Jesuit named Balthasar Gérard (1557-1584).

Bänkelsänger in Basel, in front of the "Wirtshaus zur Henne" on the Nadelberg. The sung pictures show the earthquake of Basel 1356 and the floods in Hölstein 1830.

Le Barbarie del mondo.png
Le barbarie del mondo, by Hieronymous Porro (fl 1574-1604), depicts Italian street people collected under the unkind general heading of  "barbarism of the world". I misread the description of the actions of the people in the print (found at the…

Photographic portrait of the French murderer Jean-Baptiste Troppmann

Marie Antoinette's execution in 1793 at the Place de la Révolution

Vagabondiana 1817 ballad seller.jpg
Plate XIV 'New Elegy' - Illustration from 'The Cries of London' 1839

A plaque on the traffic island at Marble Arch indicates the spot where the infamous Tyburn Tree, a three-legged gallows, once stood. An estimated 50,000 people were executed here between 1571 and 1783, many having been dragged from the Tower of…

The execution of James Graham, first Marquess of Montrose.jpg
The execution of James Graham, first Marquess of Montrose; Montrose with the hangman upon a ladder leaning against the gallows; various figures in attendance; on the right, a figure being beheaded with an axe; Edinburgh in the background.…

rowlandson news criers.jpg
Two men handing out news notices in the street. One blowing a small wind instrument.

Rowlandson Last Dying Speech.jpg
This watercolour depicts a streetseller vending a batch of criminal broadsheets. In the background, crowds are watching an execution taking place outside Newgate Prison.

Playing Card Coleman drawn to his execution.jpg
"Coleman drawn to his execution"; card number 7 of a set of playing cards depicting the Popish Plot .

Plate 62: view of Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, with two men in the pillory in the centre surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd, on the right the equestrian statue of Charles I stands watching over the scene; illustration to the book 'Microcosm of…

John Franklin's illustration of Paul's Walk for William Harrison Ainsworth's novel, Old St. Paul's, published London : Chapman & Hall, 1841.

Hogarth, The Idle Prentice Executed at Tyburn, BM.jpg
Plate 11: the place of execution with, in the middle ground, Idle seated in a cart with his coffin and John Wesley exhorting him to repent, the Newgate chaplain in a carriage, the triple gallows, and a wooden gallery crowded with onlookers; in the…

Hogarth The March of the Guards to Finchley.jpg
The March of the Guards to Finchley, also known as The March to Finchley or The March of the Guards, is a 1750 oil-on-canvas painting by English artist William Hogarth, owned by and on display at the Foundling Museum.

This painting depicts London…

Hogarth Gin Lane.jpg
A scene of urban desolation with gin-crazed Londoners, notably a woman who lets her child fall to its death and an emaciated ballad-seller; in the background is the tower of St George's Bloomsbury; in this state, the child's face has been changed so…

Hogarth Enraged_musician.jpg
A scene in London, possibly near St Martin's-in-the-Fields, with a musician at an open window holding his ears against the noise of the street; a ballad-seller chants while her baby cries, a milkmaid and other street-traders cry their wares, one…

A room at the Rose Tavern, Drury Lane (after the painting at Sir John Soane's Museum); to l., Tom, surrounded by prostitutes and clearly drunk, sprawls on a chair with his foot on the table; one young woman embraces him and steals his watch, another…

Hanging_of_William_Kidd in chains.jpg
Kidd was tried at the Old Bailey, London, in May 1701. He was found guilty of murder and piracy and was hanged at Execution Dock. Kidd's body was then suspended on a gibbet at Tilbury Point on the lower reaches of the Thames.

Francis Wheatley, Ballad seller in Cries-of-London-11.jpg
Plate 11, a ballad seller with strip ballads, selling to two men, around them are two women with a child, and a small boy feeding a dog.

Engraving depicting the execution of Sir Thomas Armstrong in Tyburn, on 20 June 1684.

Claude_Duval by William_Powell_Frith_.jpg
A coach stopped by highwaymen, one bowing to the women inside, who plead or faint, others going through the luggage, one playing a pipe on the left, the gentleman sitting bound near him, watching glumly as the chief highwayman, Duval, sweeps a…

Watercolour portrait depicting John Fawcett, the actor and dramatist, in the role of Autolycus in Shakespeare's 'A Winter's Tale'. Signed and dated T. C. Wageman 1828.

Autolycus was a thief disguised as a pedlar who appears in Shakespeare's play A Winter's Tale. He is shown here selling cheap goods and sensational printed ballads to gullible country folk. Leslie based the background sky and the ash tree at the…
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