EMS Spectre video synthesizer

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EMS Spectre video synthesizer


Electronic Music Studios, Ltd, London, EMS Spectre video synthesizer, 1974–75

Metal, plastic, electronic components

On loan from MESS Ltd

Designed by Richard Monkhouse of EMS, the Spectre is a hybrid video synthesizer, combining both analogue and digital techniques. It uses the EMS patchboard system to allow completely flexible connections between module inputs and outputs. The video signals are digital, but they are controlled by analogue voltages. The instrument includes a digital patchboard for image composition, and an analogue patchboard for motion control. The prototype was said to have been used to provide a projected light show for an early Tangerine Dream concert at the London Rainbow. This particular instrument is not part of the Grainger Museum Electronic Music Studio. It is currently on loan to the MESS Collection. It was recently rediscovered by David Chesworth, literally ‘under the bed’ of a friend, who had been minding it for the owners who had moved overseas.