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Synthesizers: sound of the future



Presented by Grainger Museum and Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio, Ltd (MESS)

The Grainger Museum was at the heart of electronic music experimentation in Melbourne in the 1960s and early ’70s, when University of Melbourne composer and teacher Keith Humble, recently returned from a decade of cutting-edge musical experimentation in Paris, transformed the Museum into the ‘Grainger Centre’: an electronic experimentation studio for students and composers.

Humble equipped the Grainger Centre with the latest analogue synthesizers made by the experimental music company, Electronic Music Studios, Ltd, (EMS), London. The powerful, but compact and modestly priced EMS VCS1 and VCS3, and the extraordinary Synthi 100, were developed by the small EMS team as a way of bringing electronic synthesis of sounds into the reach of musicians outside of large commercial studios and radio stations. These cutting-edge analogue synthesizers from EMS allowed local composers to create entirely new sounds to incorporate into their experimental music and processes. For a brief period of less than a decade, the Grainger Museum resonated with this ‘sound of the future’...


Exhibition curated by Heather Gaunt, Curator, Grainger Museum

Thanks to the following key contributors:

John Cary, David Chesworth, David Collins, Les Craythorn, Agnes Dodds, Robin Fox, Keith Whitman, James Gardner, Alan Gaunt, Graeme Kerrs, Charles McInnes, Kristoffer Paulsen, Byron J. Scullin, John Whiteoak,Liquid Architecture