Synthi A (Suitcase VCS3)

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Synthi A (Suitcase VCS3)


Electronic Music Studios, Ltd, London, Synthi A (Suitcase VCS3), 1971

Metal, plastic, electronic components

On loan from MESS Ltd

The Synthi A was designed for portability, and was built into a Spartanite attaché case with a carry-handle. This instrument allowed musicians to easily take their synthesizer from the studio to the stage. In 1972, EMS added a built-in touch keyboard and sequencer to the instrument, then called the Synthi AKS.

Pink Floyd used the Synthi A on the songs ‘Time’ and ‘On the Run’ on their album Dark Side of the Moon (1973). The German band Kraftwerk used the Synthi A on the 1974 album Autobahn. Jean-Michel Jarre featured the Synthi AKS on his albums Oxygène (1976) and Equinoxe (1978). Brian Eno, with his band Roxy Music, used the Synthi A extensively for avant-garde rock as well as ambient music.


Photography by Kristoffer Paulsen




Photograph courtesy MESS Ltd