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Average value of imports and exports in Australia
Avon river near Boisdale [See plate 23 - Report of Committee to investigate Erosion 1935?]
Bacchus Marsh - sheet and gully erosion
Bacchus Marsh sheet and gully erosion soil and subsoil to a depth of 2 feet has entirely disappeared
Bacchus Marsh Sheet erosion on sedementaries due to severe overgrazing
Balham hill Molesworth owing to the constant burning off the exposed soil mantle has been
Banksia forest, west end of Vereker Range
Banksia serrata. Yarram
Baseline - wires in catenary mooring tripod
Beam splitting Noojee District
Beech under the uniform system. Secondary stage well advanced; complete regeneration obtained. Hartz Mts., Germany.
Beech under the uniform system. Unopened mature crop on right of path; seeding felling just completed on the left by removal of one-quarter of the crop. Lyons la Foret. Normandy
Beechworth District Scout Car, 210 Gal. oval tank and Quench-Quick pump (R. Larnach)
Big Creek road, Upper Latrobe River
Big Creek Road. Upper Yarra FO.
Big tree in Bull Creek, 350 feet
Black Box
Black Box
Black mark on Eucalypt
Blank-no information
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