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The School on the Hill

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Since 1910, the Victorian School of Forestry at Creswick has welcomed students who have gone on to sustainably manage and conserve forests near and far. The campus possesses memories of the hard work and comradery of students as they began their forestry careers. The School on the Hill recounts students’ experiences and achievements, celebrates prominent teaching staff and explores changes of the School’s structure and curriculum and the influence of broader social events throughout the last century.

The Creswick Historical Collection has roots back to 1912 as a 'working museum' with involvement from both staff and students, flourishing until closure in the 1980s. Since being revitalised in 2006, it is the only collection relating to forestry education in Australia and The School on the Hill displays the collection for the first time in 30 years.


You can visit the Exhibition in the Library at the Creswick Campus, 4 Water Street Creswick during normal Library hours, 1-5pm Monday to Wednesday.

Creswick Campus Grounds

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Creswick Campus.

In October 2010, The University of Melbourne celebrated 100 years of forest education on the Creswick campus.  The foundations of the campus were laid in 1909, when Tremearne House was purchased by the State Government. The Victorian School of Forestry (VSF) and the University of Melbourne officially amalgamated in 1980, cementing the longstanding history the two institutions have shared since the mid-1920s.


The Creswick campus has a significant collection of trees planted and nurtured as an arboretum over its 100 year history. 

The recent drought took its toll and measures were taken to manage and retain the most valuable trees around the campus. The University’s ground managers are working to preserve and develop the grounds. The arboretum walk will continue to be developed over several years, replacing and expanding the collection to improve the overall landscape, adding to the heritage value of the site.