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8 ceramic specimen trays of picea cones

13 small bottles of pinus seeds

This is one of the axes given to each student entering the School

This is a typed working plan for the VSF hardwood forest

This is a typed document of a Woohlpooer Working Plan for management of reserved forests 1936

sundry veneer samples

11 samples Papua New Guinea timbers in card covers with genus species information. Set in cardboard box with faux wood grain print.

30 items from VSF Reference Collection

59 items from mixed sources including Museum of Economic Forestry, Forests Commission Victoria

South East Asian Wood samples. A set of 78 samples in timber box with sliding lid

Hardwood sawlog grading cards for Indian and Southeast Asian species.

Wood disc - 38cm Diameter, 5cm thick - unknown species

Veneer production radiata pine specimen

Tree trunk with bracket fungi

VSF Museum label: silver birch infected with rainbow fungus

River red gum (E.Camuldelensis) hitching post. Specimen removed from the front of the Bank of NSW Creswick, 1957

Insect attacked post specimen from VSF grounds. From VSF reference collection

This sample is of a quarter disc section of sequioa planted in 1902 at Creswick State Nursery in Sawpit Gully by John Johnstone. Cut down in 2015 to make the La Gerche sculpture.

This is a typed document of a Stawell Working Plan for management of reserved forests 1938

Wedding and family photographs of unidentified people.
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