The Abbey Art Centre Digital Repository documents the findings of the research project: The Abbey Art Centre: Reassessing postwar Australian art, 1946-1956.

The project is a collaborative venture between art historians from the University of Melbourne; Monash University; The National Art School, Sydney; and Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK. It is funded by the Australian Research Council, 2020-2023 (DP 200102794).

The artworks, archival documents, photographs, rare books and catalogues detailed on this website are housed in multiple public and private collections. In some instances the objects no longer exist and are known only from historical sources. The aim of digitally collating these objects is to closely examine the activities of a group of artists–many of them Australian–who worked at the Abbey Arts Centre, London, 1946-56, and the British and European avant-garde in which they mixed. The Abbey Art Centre project throws light on this historically neglected group of artists and recasts conventional understandings of Australian artists’ role in post-WWII Britain and Europe.

Recently Added Items

Photograph of a Royal Mail van parked outside the Abbey Art Centre gates, 1950

800.0070 Photograph of the Royal Mail van parked outside the Abbey gates at 89 Park Road.jpeg

Photograph showing the Royal Mail van at the gates of the Abbey Art Centre, New Barnet. The van is marked 'Barnet' on the door. A sign reading 'Abbey…

Christmas Exhibition at the Berkeley Galleries, Thursday 9th December [1954]


Exhibition invitation card, printed in black on white and red background. Four separate exhibitions are listed on the right hand side: 'Pictures by…