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SWISP (Speculative Wanderings in Space and Place) is a site for interdisciplinary an/archiving practice.

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Hacking the Anthropocene

'Learning with the Land: Dispositions for Hacking the Anthropocene' (Hacking the Anthropocene for short) is a major focus of SWISP Lab. This community engagement / research initiative invites young people and mediators at Science Gallery in Australia, India and America with pre- and in-service visual arts and design teachers at University of Melbourne to consider how global and local struggles are deeply interconnected. The aim is to co-create intercultural climate futures by:

  1. Creating a space for creative and complex dialogue between Melbourne, India and America that began in the ’Climate and Art and Digital Activism Festival’ (2022).
  2. Engaging with Science Gallery Bengaluru, Melbourne and Atlanta and its community through a shared inquiry framed by the interrelated challenge of exploring ‘Justice/s, Future/s, Activism/s’ in Anthropo-scenic times.
  3. Working with a mobile 'Hacking the Anthropocene’ kits (HAK.io) (building upon Bauhaus activity cards and Fluxus movement) with youth mediators recruited from Science Gallery Bengaluru and artists–in-residence in Australia, India and America.
  4. Taking HAK.io on the road to engage with young people in Australia, India and America, and
  5. Creating a metaverse environment in Mozilla Hubs from ‘Hacking the Anthropocene’ which will operate as a digital site for two-way knowledge exchange in Australian, Indian and American cultural institutions and university settings that will evolve into a longer-term collaborative project between MGSE and SGM that integrates with the STEM Centre Learning program.

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