Speculative Wanderings In Space & Place

SWISP (Speculative Wanderings in Space and Place) is a site for interdisciplinary an/archiving practice.



SWISP is an interdisciplinary research collab based in Narrm, Melbourne. 

SWISP (Speculative Wanderings in Space and Place) is a community of interdisciplinary practitioners working in the fields of speculative a/r/tography, digital creativities, digital childhoods, digital methods, digital education, and digital scholarships in the humanities, arts and social sciences. 

SWISP seeks to speculate as activist a/r/tographers about reparative futures in the midst of climate collapse. We entangle our research pathways in this collective to pose questions, break, disrupt and wander with/in multigenerational connected communities. Our work seeks to move in and out, over and under, through and within spaces and places while knitting together disparate cites/sites/sights in a metagalaxy of ideas, wonderings and speculations. 

What does a (s)wisp do in Minecraft?
A wisp, when found, circles around a wall with a interactable brick. It disappears quickly after touching the hero. When clicked, the wall opens up and reveals a hidden room that occasionally contains six emerald pots, a common chest, or an obsidian chest.

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Dr Kate Coleman | @kateycoleman| ORCID

Dr Sarah Healy | @eduTH1NK | ORCID