Speculative Wanderings In Space & Place

SWISP (Speculative Wanderings in Space and Place) is a site for interdisciplinary an/archiving practice.

In the face of an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, we ask:   

  1. What are the knowledges, practices and relationships that can address the climate challenges of our rapidly changing world?  
  2. How can researchers, practitioners and activists contribute to a new ecosystem of learning around issues of climate justice and meaningful action?  
  3. What do we, as a community, need to do to transform education, policy and practice for our climate futures?

This OMEKA collab space has been designed to:

  • create a platform to connect interdisciplinary researchers, educators, and practitioners with expertise in the climate-related social issues, media, refugee communities, creative arts, curatorial practice, arts-based research, small data, and digital methods;
  • speculate and pose questions through connecting communities of educational researchers to each other, while offering the space and time to trouble and speculate as a community post COP27