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LGI Weather

Co-commissioned by the Melbourne and Brisbane Festivals and Montreal's Place des Arts, Weather is a full-length contemporary dance work created by leading Australian choreographer Lucy Guerin. Featuring seven dancers and thousands of plastic bags, Weather explores the connection between human beings, the natural world and the elemental forces of weather. It is an atmospheric dance work that embodies the variability, power and dynamism of the elements.

A year after its premiere season at the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne, the show toured across North America. Then, in early 2015, it toured to Europe, with a season at the Theatre de la Ville, Paris. The University of Melbourne Theatre and Dance Platform holds a large amount of digital material relating to this work. Click through the production pages on the right to browse selected highlights from the collection.

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Lucy Guerin Inc

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Lucy Guerin Inc is Melbourne-based dance company established in Melbourne in 2002 by Lucy Guerin to develop, create and tour new dance works. The company has toured extensively in the UK, Europe, Asia and North America. Recent productions include Human Interest Story (2011), Conversation Piece (2012), Weather (2012), Motion Picture (2015), A Dark Chorus (2016) and SPLIT (2017).

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Guerin graduated from the Centre for Performing Arts in 1982, before joining Russell Dumas’ Dance Exchange in Sydney in 1983. In 1988 she joined Nanette Hassall’s Dance Works in Melbourne, before relocating to New York. From 1989-1996, she danced with Tere O’Connor, Bebe Miller and Sara Rudner in New York, and began choreographing her own work including Two Lies (1996) that was presented in Melbourne and New York.

When she returned to Australia in 1996 she created several major works, such as The Ends of Things (2002) that toured in North America and Europe, winning a Bessie in 1996 for Two Lies and choreographing for Baryshnikov in the White Oak Dance Project in 1999. After a freelance career, she founded Lucy Guerin Inc. In addition to the work for her own company, Guerin continues to choreograph by invitation, including for the National Theatre London in  works such as Medea (2012).

This website provides access to documents relating to the company's production history and links to the national databases, AusStage and Trove, where search for related data and content can be retrieved.

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