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Dublin Core




Body made from wooden cylinder (large bamboo rods) with wooden panels on front and back - back panel has 5 decorative pierced holes. Neck is made from cylindrical piece of wood - becomes squared at pegs - 2 pegs protruding from back of peg box. Simple bone capping on end rather than scroll. 2 strings (one missing). Highest peg has decorative woven and beaded tassel hanging from it. Played with a bow between the 2 strings. There is no bow for this instrument in the Grainger Museum collection. Size: 11.5 cm wide, 59 cm in length, 11 cm in depth


Given as a gift to Percy Grainger from the Hon. Edward Feilding", who in Percy Grainger's own words "was a wonderful friend to Percy Grainger's music...It was always a great pleasure to PG and was in his bedroom at White Plains. [Percy Grainger's American home]".