Beijing silk figure 北京 绢人

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Beijing silk figure 北京 绢人


DESCRIPTION: Female doll wearing ornate silk chinese costume. Pink top, purple skirt with embroidery. Elaborate beaded headdress. Size: 29 x 9 x 8cm
INSCRIPTIONS: On base "Made in China" and "4/6"
OVERVIEW: This Chinese Doll is a unique traditional Chinese doll called ‘Juan ren’. The doll making technique originated in the Tang dynasty and classified as an intangible cultural heritage in China. Many of the doll making techniques were lost and only a few craftsmen are capable of making this type of silk doll. One of the key elements for this type of doll is that the appearance and costume are made based on Characters in Chinese opera or folklore.


Belonged to Percy Grainger, donated to the Grainger Museum Collection


n.d. (about 1900)


Grainger Museum Collection