Metallophone, c.1890s

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Metallophone, c.1890s


This metallophone has bronze keys, each fitted below with a hollow bronze resonator. The beautiful embossing on each resonator, in Japonisme style, is a remarkable feature. The instrument is created from elements constructed by multiple makers, including Besson & Co. (London) who made the frame, and R. Plant & E. Perry who made the keys and resonators.

Plant and Perry patented their innovative resonator design in 1884 in the UK, and 1888 in the USA. The patent describes an ‘Appliance for Augmenting the Sound of the Notes of a Harmonicon or of a Gong’, and relates to ‘the construction, combination, or arrangement of parts forming a resonant chamber with a free vibrating metallic plate or bar applied thereto.’ The resonator augmented, or modified, the sound of the bar, or key when it was struck.


Grainger Museum Collection