The Grainger Museum experimental music displays and workshops

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The Grainger Museum experimental music displays and workshops


Unknown photographer, probably Robert Hyner. The Grainger Museum experimental music displays and workshops, c.1966–67

Grainger Museum Collection, Robert Hyner.

When he arrived at the Grainger Museum in 1966, Humble worked with Grainger curator Robert Hyner to source and display a rich collection of contemporary music scores. These included music by contemporary Australian composers such as Margaret Sutherland, George Dreyfus and Dorian Le Gallienne, and international avant-garde composers. The display was intended to attract experimental composers and researchers to the Grainger Museum. Hyner noted that the visitors to the Museum in that period ‘were very interested in Percy of course, but they were also interested in [the scores] ... We had an enormous collection’.

Humble ran children’s workshops on Saturdays in the Museum in 1967, encouraging young participants to learn about music through experimentation and improvisation. He believed that ‘all education was subversive’, and felt a great responsibility for his students of any age. The children’s workshops were primarily educational, but were also a way of gathering raw sonic material for Humble’s Musique concrète compositions, such as Music for Monuments (1967). Ian Bonighton assisted Humble with the Saturday morning classes, and can be seen in the background of the photograph at the left, while Humble is demonstrating to young students on the right.