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Platinum print, hand-made paper, graphite.

Photo: 28.6 x 21.7 cm
Parchment/Velum Paper?: 45.5 x 41.1 cm
Board: 64 x 51.1 cm

Baron Adolph Sigismund de Meyer is seen by many as the founder of fashion photography. Later in his career he was to…

Platinum print, hand-made paper, graphite.

Photo: 23.4 x 18.4 cm
Paper (studio name): 52.4 x 31.8 cm
Board: 64.1 x 51.1 cm

Adolph de Meyer photographed Grainger multiple times between 1903 and 1906—documenting the young musician’s maturation…

Black and white photograph.

50.9 x 40.5 cm

Portrait of Percy Grainger standing in an orchard in his US army uniform. He is standing in front of a tree and gazing off into the distance. His right hand is clutching the strap whilst the left hand…

Silver gelatin copy of unidentified original.

50.8 x 40.5 cm

Portrait of Rose Grainger and her son Percy Grainger.

Silver gelatin copy of unidentified original.

Photo: 23.2 x 18.4 cm
Frame: 25.7 x 21 cm

Ambrotype encased in glass.

Photo: 11.5 x 8.4 cm
Glass plates: 16 x 11.9 cm

Portrait of unidentified group of 4 boys. The boys appear to be sitting on a bench against the wall. They all appear to be wearing a white shirt with a bow tie, jacket…

Platinum print.

Photo: 20 x 14.9 cm
Paper: 35.6 x 26.3 cm
Board: 64.1 x 51.1 cm

Czechoslovakian-born Jan Kubelik (1880-1940) had an international reputation as a virtuosic violinist. Later in life he made Edison Phonograph recordings with…

Silver gelatin and silver chloride prints respectively.

Photo 1 (Sitting): 25.4 x 17.7 cm
Photo 2 (Standing): 25.2 x 17.7 cm
Photos and board: 48.1 x 63.3 cm

Grainger acquired high quality hand-enlarged photographs of nudes produced in…

Chromogenic print from Kodachrome slide.

Photo (EG): 13.3 x 18.3 cm
Photo (PG): 20.2 x 25.4 cm
Photos and board: 56.1 x 40.7 cm

From the series ‘what colour are composers’ eyes’. There are 2 photographs mounted on card. The top photographs…

Silver gelatine print.

Photo: 33.3 x 23.4 cm
Photo and board: 48.4 x 35.4 cm

In the late 1930s Harris & Ewing was the largest photographic studio in the United States, with five physical locations and approximately 120 employees. A very…
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