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Toned silver gelatin print.

Photo: 24.1 x 19.0 cm
Photo and frame: 30.3 x 24.3 cm

Grainger spent a lot of his life away from home touring as a concert pianist. While his mother was alive he developed a pattern of having photographs of himself…

silver gelatin print.

Photo: 21.1 x 16 cm
Photo and card: 25.2 x 20.2 cm

Although taken in a formal studio setting, this photograph was certainly not meant for promotional purposes. Grainger had his portrait taken by Mary Dale Clark on a…

Platinum prints.

Photo: 14.0 x 9.5 cm
Photo and board: 28.0 x 20.7 cm
Envelope: 35.6 x 22.8 cm
These portraits were taken in the same sitting at Elliot and Fry studio in London, and demonstrate how a change in lighting and camera angle can…

Silver gelatin print.

Photo: 20.2 x 15.6 cm
Photo and board: 37.5 x 29.8 cm

This portrait depicts Percy Grainger with his fingers interlaced in front of him. The photograph is mounted on board.

Sheet-fed photo gravure print
(Bruchmann Mezzotint gravures, printer)

28.5 x 22 cm

This portrait depicts Rose Grainger sitting in a plush armchair. She is wearing a long off shoulder dress with flowing skirts and organza. As described by the…

Black and white photograph.

16.5 x 21.6 cm

The men present in the picture are (left to right): Scott, Quilter, PG, Norman O’Neil, Edward Milner, Basil Cameron. Inscriptions at the back appear to relate to the handling of the photograph.

Chromogenic print from Kodachrome slide.

Photo: 23.9 x 9 cm
Photo and frame: 30.6 x 25.5 cm

This portrait depicts a frontal view of Cyril Scott as an elderly gentleman. He is not looking directly at the camera and is wearing a black suit with…

Sepia toned silver gelatin print.

This complex photographic composition captures a fleeting moment of intimacy between Ella Grainger and her husband. Ella’s expression and body language suggest adoration, whereas Percy’s attention is turned…

Silver gelatin print. 35.2 x 27.2 cm Swedish artist, poet and amateur musician Ella Viola Ström (1889-1979) married Grainger in 1928. Here she is depicted on her veranda in White Plains, New York, in a photograph taken by her neighbour, the…

Chromogenic print from Kodachrome slide.

Photo (EG): 13.3 x 18.3 cm
Photo (PG): 20.2 x 25.4 cm
Photos and board: 56.1 x 40.7 cm

From the series ‘what colour are composers’ eyes’. There are 2 photographs mounted on card. The top photographs…
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