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A Gladstone Bag that belonged to J. H. Willis.
Medal - 3 cm diameter, poss cast bronze. Front reads : serit arbores quae alteri seculo Prosint. Cicero / Tree and leather belt emblem /Back reads The Royal English Arboricultural Society and inscribed 'Awarded to M. H. Rowe for an essay on theā€¦
Nails from the Library wooden flooring, dating to the construction in 1863. These nails were recovered during network cabling operations in 2014.
Original-Odhner pin-wheel calculator
Page from a photo album of students at Powelltown from 1938. Lister, Weste, Fleming, Simmonds, O'Kane, Flentje. Campbell, Parnaby. Boardman, Patterson, Larnach, Endacott, Campbell, Parnaby.
Surveyors compass in wooden box
VSF Plaque. One of the many copies of the plaque with the motto 'Circumspice" which translates: "look around you"
VSF Blazer, first used in 1953
VSF Tie, used in conjunction with the Blazer
Wardle Wood Collection, from a private collection owned by H.V.Wardle, donated to the VSF in 1960
Wood mounted photographs of various wood processing systems, used for teaching and display at the VSF.
Wooden Shoe lasts that were part of the VSF Museum collection.
Wooden study desk with student grafitti inside drawers including year class lists
VSF roll of honour board 1914-19, including gum nut & tree root fretwork
Census of Plants in Bear Park Creswick by R.V. Smith, 1944
Wood specimen: Eucalyptus Tricarpa, Victorian Red Ironbark, half cross section showing heartwood, sapwood, phloem, cambrium, bark
Mounted insect collection
Mounted insect collection
Mounted insect collection
Mounted insect collection
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