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Olearia axillaris. Collected by H. B. Williamson, Warrnambool 1904.
Fungi specimens collected by J. H. Willis in 1934 at McCrae creek.
Small box of wood samples used for teaching, origin unknown.
Card catalogue drawers of forestry references
Wooden display case - Part of the original furniture from the VSF Museum
Wooden display case - Part of the original furniture from the VSF Museum

Sample page from one of three sketch books by E.J. Semmens
Photographic slides - 4 boxes of 235mm slides taken by K. J. Simpfendorfer ( over 1000 slides of trees, landscapes, etc)
Sample page from the Notes on Victorian forest fungi by J.H Willis
Sample pages from the Licnicolous Fungi of Creswick Forest by J.H Willis
Sample page from A Catalogue of the shells contained in the geology cabinet in the University Building foyer
Action wood specimen
Assorted old keys from various buildings and rooms across the Creswick Campus
Distiller - copper box and stand, bakelite fittings, cork and glass tubing.
Sample page from a Photograph album of VSF students and grounds taken in the 1930s
Herbert Eric Dadswell was born in Sydney in 1903, educated at Newington College and at Sydney University from which he graduated B.Sc in 1925, majoring in organic chemistry.

In 1926, Dadswell was employed by the Council for Scientific and…
Fire protection map for the VSF campus. Framed to hang in an office or prominent position
Sample page from the Synopsis of indigenous plants occurring within a ten mile radius of Creswick. Handwritten by J. H. Willis
Sample of heart rot in a gum log that was part of the VSF Museum collection.
Vintage marine barometer by Negretti & Zambra. Heavy brass construction with gimbal. Thermometer has an adjustable scale for correcting pressure readings due to temperature. Displays pressure in metric.
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