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Young sugar gum plantation
Young plantation mixed pine and sugar gums
Young pine forest near Creswick.
Young Messmate, Mount Macedon
Young messmate showing firebreak
Young Douglas fir forest
Yellow Gum & white Ironbark (an improved forest) Dunolly district
Yellow Gum (Eucalyptus leucoxylon) Graytown Victoria Rushworth forest district) Improved stand mainly from coppice growth in background.
Yellow Box & White Ironbark Forest
Yellow Box - Eucalyptus melliodora. Graytown For. Dist.

Eucalyptus eximia. Collected by W.D. Chapman, Wiseman's Ferry, Hawkesbury River 1944
Yarra Glen Railway Yard

This is a typed working plan for the VSF hardwood forest
Workers on a bulldozer (Road building?)

Philydrum lanuginosum. Collected by T.S. Hart, Bairnsdale 1920

This is a typed document of a Woohlpooer Working Plan for management of reserved forests 1936
Wooden wing members for aeroplanes
Wooden table - Part of the original furniture from the VSF Museum
Wooden study desk with student grafitti inside drawers including year class lists
Wooden Sleepers
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