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Bushfire denudation. Tanjil Bren
Fire protection dam. Scarsdale
Ontario pump
Mountain grass after fire
S.P.F. - 3070 K.C. Wireless
Pump used in firefighting. See also 1050s, a view of the other side of the same pump.
Ruined forest country - Otway District after fire. The land may well have been cleared prior to the fire with the remaining trees being destroyed in the fire or as a result of the clearing.
Dennis pump - fire fighting equipment (duplicate)
Eucalyptus Pauciflora in the Highlands
Pump used in firefighting. See also 1047s, a view of the other side of the same pump. Made by the Johnston Outboard Motors Company in the US, the motor has been fitted with a pump.
Geof Weste carrying an RC16 Radio transmitter/receiver in its backpack. This would have been designed for use in the forest.
State Electricity Commission Camp and Truck depot in Kiewa valley

monbulk map.jpg
Map of Monbulk showing parish of Monbulk
Fire damaged sewing machine, children's doll and other articles from a home burnt in a bushfire.
Fruit trees and vines around a house in flat country.
Pines planted on eroded area at Creswick Pinus insignis
Mallee - Near limb. Loranthus on Black Box
Sand drift in Mallee
Gully erosion
Sand drift in Mallee
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