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  • Collection: VSF Forestry Lantern Glass Slide Collection
Wooden carved figure of Asian character
Wooden bridge construction by Army Eng.
Wooden ammunition boxes
Wooden aircraft construction: wing members being made.
Wood used in the production of planes
Wood used in the production of planes
Wood used in the form work for bridge repairs during the Second World War in North Africa. There are Australian Soldiers working with locals top build the form work for the arches of a stone bridge.

Wood is used to support a train tunnel that has been damaged in an air raid.
Wood distillation Works Britannia Creek
Wombat State Forest, Eucalyptus viminalis
Windbreak of Conifers
Windbreak Cypress hedge. Macedon
Windbreak cypress Cupressus
Wind erosion Timberoo. Showing the effects of wind swirling around posts at Timberoo Reserve. Caused by the action of wind on the surrounding fallowed paddocks.
Wind erosion Timberoo Reserve, fence nearly covered, caused by cultivation of adjoining areas unprotected from the wind.
Wind erosion in (Mallee) Road near Chinkapook. Typical eddy near foot of post
Wind erosion fence on Timberoo Reserve near Mildura - showing boundary fence gradually being covered by material blown from fallow land
Wind erosion (Mallee) near Chinkapook sand hammock spill over road in course of destruction by wind
Wind erosion (Mallee Chickapook)
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