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Aeroplane propellers being made in Australia out of native timbers.
Aircraft timber. Training aircraft which require wooden spars and ribs in wings. Wood is also coming into use for fuselages and propellers.
Alpine Ash - Eucalyptus gigantea (Mt. Macedon Victoria[)] (about 3,000' el.)
Alpine Ash. Mattock. Eucalyptus Gigantea
American case timber, stacks
Angophora lanceolata
Members of the Beech Forest race meeting on the stump of a mountain ash used as a grandstand for the annual Beech Forest race meeting. This photo was of the meeting in 1904. There is a sketch of the grandstand in Norm Houghton's book titled “Beech…
Apiary - Yellow Box - Grampians
Apollo Bay
Araucaria excelsa, Sequoia sempervirens
Area of Forests by Continents in %

Army food cases (timber and cardboard)
Artesian Bore
Avenel Gully Erosion Grave yard Creek
Avenel Gully erosion on Brett's prop.
Avenel Gully erosion on Brett's prop.
Avenel sheet & gully erosion on Lawrences's property
Avenel Headward gully erosion on Lawrence's property
Avenel - Gully erosion on Lawrences's prop. Trees are not so effective in checking erosion as a dense sward of grass where the flow of water is concentrated.
Average Annual Rainfall map
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