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There were four Saxton brothers, Ben, Wilbur, John and Eric. Ben was killed in the 1939 fires. Eric worked the planing mill at Moe and Wilbur and John worked at West Tanjil. The person in this image is most likely Wilbur Saxton.
House construction - final stage in construct. Of timber home, Moorabbin
This shows two images of the head being lopped. The image on the left shows the axeman climbing to cut the head. the image on the right shows the axeman hanging as the head falls.
Timber Home construction, for tiled roof - Frankston
Timber Home construction for tiled roof front view
Timber construction. Melbourne University. Wooden redgum stumps and redwood floor bearers in position
Timber construction - the "all brick" home. M.B. importance of timber in roof structure even in a home where timber has been reduced where possible - within the window . Floor construction is also in timber. Bentleigh-Moorabbin
Timber construction, Melbourne University - Floor joists & bottom wall plates in position
Looking from Big Creek Road towards Nayook
Kauri - Timber Co mill at Noojee and the logs stacked for dispatch to melt. (mill at rail siding)
Settlement at Delatite Sawmills, Mt. Buller in background
Big Creek Road. Upper Yarra FO.
Commission Tree Logger at Narbethong; Bottom blade only in position, top blade removed for repair
Araucaria excelsa, Sequoia sempervirens
Sassafrass (Artherosperma moochatum) near Nurniong timber area (diam. up to 2' D.B.H. log lengths up to 40'.
2 storied timber construction - admin. building Melbourne University.
Timber construction - 2 storied administrative building in timber. Melbourne University.
Split rails, Red Stringybark (Eucalyptus Macroni Lyncha) Nowa Nowa
View of Mt. Fainter across the Kiewa Valley from the SEC's sawmill. Timber species at this elevation chiefly Eucalyptus gigantea.
The "all brick" home. Note timber in roof - also right hand internal partition. 24 Bethel St., Parkdale.
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