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Bulldozer with ripper. This is taken from an advertisement and is most likely in the United States.
Bullock team hauling logs to a sawmill in the Rubicon forest, Alexandra.
Bush Fires - Nature's Fire Record
Bush Fires - damage by repeated fires - in low grade mixed forest
Bush Fires - Eastern Tanjil 1939. Fires
Bush Fires - mixed forest after fire
Bush Fires - Mountain Ash trees showing injury caused by a creeping fire from the north
Bush Fires Fall's Creek. Upper Yarra.
Bush Fires West Tanjil
Bush Fires. Mountain Ash - Black Range Liagaroon district. Spectator facing north
Bush Fires. Snob's Creek
Bush sawmill near Belgrave
Bush tram
Bushfire burning in mountains (1939?)
Bushfire damage
Bushfire damage
Bushfire damage
Bushfire denudation. Tanjil Bren
Fire damaged sewing machine, children's doll and other articles from a home burnt in a bushfire.

Callitris verrucosa Mallee Pine
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