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Strahan and Davies Mill West Tanjil, the photo is either after the 1926 or 1939 fires.
These are the water tanks used for a steam engine at an unknown sawmill with an unidentified person.
This is the layout and terms used for the ropes and equipment used with a logging winch.
One of the Forests Commission of Victoria log Dumps. This one is at Bell's break, Thomson. G. H. Wilkinson's area.

The logs are from Mountain Ash killed in the 1939 fires.
Dumping of salvage felled log after fires in 1940. The logs have been placed by a 35 hp tractor. The contractors were Richards and Buzza. Block 10. West Tanjil
Forests Commission Tree Doger ready to push over trees. Fire Break Construction
Forestry Company Sawmill. England
American case timber, stacks
Wattle bark stripping
Wooden Sleepers
Pulpwood stacks covered in snow, possibly in the United Kingdom.

Army food cases (timber and cardboard)

The launching of a Liberty ship with wooden scaffolding. Liberty ships were cargo ships built and used by the US in World War 2.

Wooden cases for Army uses.
Wood used in the form work for bridge repairs during the Second World War in North Africa. There are Australian Soldiers working with locals top build the form work for the arches of a stone bridge.
Wooden fencing ready for use in the war. Soldiers sorting and stacking wooden fencing, pre-strung with wire and also wooden stakes, to use in the war effort. This is most likely taken in Europe in the Second World War.
Timber cut by Forestry Companies in Britain.
Wooden wing members for aeroplanes
Wooden aircraft construction: wing members being made.
Cletrac bulldozer on road construction Neerim district - (193)
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