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Water sprays in action Block 10. West Tanjil. Forests Commission Dump (Richards & Buzza)
Water sprayed dumps of fire killed logs
Water Reserve (distance) Bright
Washing day in camp
Waarre Plantation. Locally constructed bridge over Sherbrooke River
Virgin Forest
View of Mt. Fainter across the Kiewa Valley from the SEC's sawmill. Timber species at this elevation chiefly Eucalyptus gigantea.
View across abandoned holding showing mixed dry forest country on steep northerly escarpment, Reedy Creek (Broadford Dist)

Chart of Victorian forest reserves and Crown Land. Victoria's quota of Australia's Forestry requirements in permanent reserves.
Victorian reserved forest - fluctuation of area 1907-1930
Victoria - Map of forest reserves and unoccupied Crown Land, November 1943 (coloured)
Vented brick-lined charcoal pit open for discharging
Vegetation map of Australia
Various types of stamens
Various inflorescences
Valvoline Oil Company. Inglewood became the Eucalyptus oil distillery centre in Victoria.
Utilisation of timber
Unloading pulpwood billets into barking drum
Uneven aged stand od Red Ironbark (Eucalyptus sideroxylon) Rushworth Forest District
Typical young stand of seedlings River red gum. Eucalyptus rostrata. Note the absence of undergrowth. Barmah Forest N. Victoria
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