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Sand drift in Mallee
Gully erosion note broken fences
Sand drift in the Mallee. Note the covered fencing.
Sand drift - sand banking up against trees
Wind erosion (Mallee) near Chinkapook sand hammock spill over road in course of destruction by wind
Wind erosion - Timberoo reserve due to indiscriminant clearing of Mallee scrub from farms and roads in course of settlement
Monterey Pine - Pinus insignis Macedon
Monterey Pine - Pinus insignis Macedon
Sand drift beside plantation
Sand drift in Mallee note cars ploughing way through
Digging post holes in a denuded sandy area
Spinifex and Mallee damaged by fire.
Sand drift beside plantation - note gully erosion in foreground
Gully erosion due to deforestation near Coleraine.
Pine Hills - Mallee -Sand drift approaching a forest - looking South
Young messmate showing firebreak
Sugar Gum plantation showing fire break
Spruce and Silver Fir forest in europe
Pine forest at Creswick
Pine forest at Creswick
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