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Wood is used to support a train tunnel that has been damaged in an air raid.
Pinus Canariensis - Creswick
Camp Delatite
Snob's Creek rd
Delatite Camp 1945 (hand coloured) (duplicate of 1006a?)
Delatite camp, general view
Wind erosion fence on Timberoo Reserve near Mildura - showing boundary fence gradually being covered by material blown from fallow land
Wind erosion Timberoo Reserve, fence nearly covered, caused by cultivation of adjoining areas unprotected from the wind.
Wind erosion in (Mallee) Road near Chinkapook. Typical eddy near foot of post
Western Australian fire tower design
Mt. Cascade, Thomson Valley - bushfire destruction and erosion
Destruction after fire - Snob's creek
Hume Weir
Mallee root show, long roots exposed due to sand drift
Portion of Great Ocean Road - Mt Defiance
Stream protected.
Wood used in the production of planes
Wood used in the production of planes
Timber used in ship construction
Dead stock as a result of bushfires - Western District
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