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Callitris verrucosa Mallee Pine

Exocarpus aphylla (current bush). Callitris verrucosa (Mallee pine)

Chart of Victorian forest reserves and Crown Land. Victoria's quota of Australia's Forestry requirements in permanent reserves.

Eucalyptus Pauceflora (Snow Gums)
Wooden ammunition boxes
Wooden pontoon bridge for foot traffic
Liberty ships - see wooden scaffolding etc.
Landing craft of wood construction - Army
The forest fights. Use of wood in wartime
Don't let it happen again. Prevent forest fires. Poster
Farms, forests and erosion poster
Poster - prevent bushfires
Eucalyptus . Grey Box - Toobarac
Mt. Cole regeneration. Messmate: Manna Gum 12-25yrs
Red Ironbark
The Loch Valley Tramway ran up the Loch river to a sawmill. The tramway was used to transport sawn timber to the Noojee VR station. The tramway and engines were destroyed in the 1929 fires. This is also the site of the Noojee Boys Camp.
Eucalyptus macrorhyncha. Red Stringybark - Heathcote
Mallee Eucalypts on loamy flat
Cross section of Live Oak (duplicate?)
Cross section of Live Oak
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