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VSF Herbarium


Although it was originally separate from the school’s museum collection, today the VSF Herbarium is considered to be one of the most significant sub-collections in the Creswick Collection. It is estimated that the herbarium contains 10,000 specimens representing between 2,500 and 3,000 different species of plants, fungi and insects, collected over more than a century. The oldest specimens were collected in England in 1877, while the earliest Australian examples date from a decade later. Numerous specimens collected by the school’s first four principals can be found in the herbarium, many from the Creswick region, as well as countless others assembled by later principals, teaching staff and students. Further samples were acquired through exchange with collectors and institutions around the world, revealing the endeavors of VSF staff to create a collection and institution of repute both here and abroad. Among the most noteworthy items are 27 specimens from a set of educational exsiccatae (dried specimens) created by Baron Sir Ferdinand von Mueller in 1874.

See the article by Bell, Blackwell & Ashton from Circumspice:
Foliage - The Victorian School of Forestry Herbarium

Collection Items

Coast Daisy Bush
Olearia axillaris. Collected by H. B. Williamson, Warrnambool 1904.

Foliage - the Victorian School of Forestry Herbarium
Bell, T., Blackwell, P., & Ashton, A. (2010). Foliage - the Victorian School of Foresty Herbarium. In B. D. Fry, R. F. Hateley, & R. M. Youl (Eds.), Circumspice : one hundred years of forestry education centred on Creswick, Victoria (pp. 125-140).…

Alpine wattle
Acacia alpina. Collected by P. Fagg, Mt Useful 1969

Ploughshare wattle
Acacia gunnii. Collected by J.H. Willis, Creswick 1932

Narrow leaf wattle
Acacia mucronata. Collected by J.H. Willis, Tasmania 1947

Hop wattle
Acacia stricta. Two specimens. One collected by H.B. Williamson, Curdie River 1905. One collected by J.H. Willis, Creswick 1932.

Prickly Moses
Acacia verticillata. Collected by J.H. Willis, Great Ocean Road near Lorne 1931

Sheeps burr
Acaena ovina. Collected by H.B. Williamson, Linton 1913

Gnat orchid
Acianthus exsertus. Two Specimens. One collected by H.B. Williamson, Hawkesdale 1898. One collected by R.W. Bond, Wonthaggi 1932.

Flame heath
Astroloma conostephioides. Collected by D. Sullivan, Grampians, Moyston 1870

Southern sassafras
Atherosperma moschatum. Collected by P. Fagg, Bendoc 1966

Southern sassafras
Atherosperma moschatum. Collected by J.H. Willis, Kallista, Dandenong Ranges, mountain gullies 1934

Desert baeckea
Baeckea crassifolia. Collected by Miss Brymer, Hopetoun 1898

Coast banksia
Banksia integrifolia. Collected by H.B. Williamson, Grampians date not recorded

Lobe-seed daisy
Brachycome heterodonta. Collected by Miss Anderson, Lake Boga 1898

Pink fingers
Caladenia carnea. Collected by Miss Hepburn, Werona 1903

Star thistle
Centuarea calcitrapa. Collected by E.J. Semmens, Ballarat 1911

Star thistle
Centuarea calcitrapa. Collected by E.J. Semmens, Ballarat 1912

Yellow Bloodwood
Eucalyptus eximia. Collected by W.D. Chapman, Wiseman's Ferry, Hawkesbury River 1944

Pink Gum
Eucalyptus fasciculosa. Collected by W.D. Chapman, Victor Harbour SA 1939
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