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Critical Qualitative Inquiry methods link our creative practice and theory through the development of a scholarly data base in Zotero that is connected to this OMEKA site that includes a range of diverse, ethical, and equitable literatures.

Designed and develped to share the practice for educators across the sectors and global communities.

Critical qualitative inquiry is a socially just, global method of review that isethical and scholarly in its approach to diversity and interculturalism in scholarship.

As a digital ABER study, the artist-in-residence, with Jessica Laraine Williams and partnership with MDAP's Amanda Belton has supported the creation of a number of digital objects, multimedia visualisations from analysis of collected video and created digital mappings of the data sites across the UNITWIN network.

This methodological approach 

  • Offers the arts and educators global access to rich visual and digital data that exemplifypractices in arts ecologies for a COVID-normal era.
  • Contributes to the field through methodological and educational findings that are ‘in’practice.
  • Allows the team to examine the possibilities and affordances of ABER, digital methods, andcritical qualitative inquiry for a post-digital era.

The Zotero library can be found at Arts Education Imperatives  

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