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Project Methods: Placemaking and digital data sites for a sustainable arts education(s) 

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This 20/20 presentation called Placemaking and digital data sites for a sustainable arts education(s) was presented at "Conference 2021 - Creative CONVERGENCE Créative" - hosted by The Canadian Network for Arts & Learning.

In this presentation, Dr Kathryn Coleman, Amanda Belton, Neda Sajadi and Jessica Laraine Williams explore opportunities for arts based educational research and arts education praxis research using digital methods and feminist metho-pedagogies. We position how placemaking as a ‘New Materialist Theory of Pedagogy’ can be harnessed to make and know place, differently for the endemic. Our video presentation uses the same method of patching data traces as placestories that we invited our collaborators to embody and brings together artist-teachers, artist-researchers, data creatives to speculate what might be.

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