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Project summary: Working collaboratively across the globe to consider Arts Education imperatives - new directions for sustainability 

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This presentation called Working collaboratively across the globe to consider Arts Education imperatives: new directions for sustainability was presented at "Conference 2021 - Creative CONVERGENCE Créative" - hosted by The Canadian Network for Arts & Learning.

In this presentation, A/Prof Neryl JeanneretA/Prof Mark Selkrig, Dr Emily Wilson and Dr Jenni Hillman discuss the establishment of an international research project that explores four identified imperatives that will shape and propel arts education during the foreseeable, uncertain times. The project is designed to build both collective and diverse understandings about these imperatives through a range of digital tools and platforms while also detailing lived experiences of the researchers in addressing arts education challenges. An overview of the project’s various digital strategies, tools and platforms will be revealed to show how we aim to set the groundwork to transform education practices in building a resilient, equitable and sustainable future.  

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