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What have we been up to recently?

Reimagining education: Learning from COVID-19 panel discussion, led by Associate Professor Louise Phillips

On May 28, 2021 this recorded webinar at Southern Cross University explored:

COVID-19 catalysed significant changes across education sectors. In March 2020, we (a group of nine education researchers across four nations) initiated the Teaching & Learning in COVID-19 times study as a digital ethnography to listen to teacher voices and stories about their work and their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic (through an online survey). 624 teachers across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA shared their lived experiences of negotiating these changes.

From their accounts of rapid pedagogical change, innovation, novel partnerships, and enhanced questions of access and equity, we draw ideas as to how equitable quality teaching and learning can be moving forward.

Associate Professor Louise Phillips will provide an overview of the study and insights from the Australian respondents attending to the Australian education landscape and COVID-19 restrictions, along with key ideas for reshaping education to be equitable in an unstable world.

Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie will share how the current New Zealand government has espoused a strong commitment to the wellbeing of children, and explore ways in which New Zealand teachers’ responses demonstrated strategies for sustaining the wellbeing of children in their classes during the 2020 COVID-19 restrictions.

Dr Esther Joosa will speak to the absences and silences for children, especially those with diverse needs, and the arts in in Singapore through the COVID-19 pandemic. The need to acknowledge and develop a strong agenda for research and dialogue that includes the effect of technology in learning, innovation and inequality will be discussed.

Professor Cynthia Brock will discuss thematic analysis of the 307 US International Literacy Association teacher members’ responses to the survey with respect to the manner in which the COVID-19 pandemic impacted their work as literacy teachers and sheds light on ways we might (re)design literacy education for the future.

Dr Chris Campbell will discuss how educators learnt quickly the need to fully engage with digital tools and the importance of creating strong online relationships with students. Re-imagining higher education is complex and changing rapidly, with tensions between demands for flexibility and relationality.

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Biography of the project: This study aimed to listen to teacher voices and stories about their work and their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic (through an online survey), and bring teachers voices into the collation of strategies to inform education responses. It was approved by the James Cook University Human Research Ethics Committee (H8090) as well as at the other universities the nine collaborators work at. The broader project team consists of nine collaborators from four countries in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA who were also facing similar shifts in their teaching lives and practice/s during the pandemic.