Welcome to In his own hand: notes and annotations from the O'Donnell Collection

This website showcases examples of marginalia, notes and annotations in the collection of Nicholas Michael O'Donnell (1862-1920), Melbourne’s foremost Gaelic scholar.

Now held at the St Mary's Newman Academic Centre - SNAC - in Melbourne, Australia, the O’Donnell Collection comprises around 400 books and pamphlets, many of which contain notes and annotations in O'Donnell's hand, offering a fascinating social commentary and window into his reading practices.

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Please note that this project website is a work in progress and at this stage only features select items. More will be added in due course.

Recently Added Items

Page 42 of Duanaire na Macaomh (Ó Flannghaile)

Page 42 Duanaire na macaomh.jpg

O'Donnell's translation pasted in to opposite page and evidence of annotation on original page.

Page 16 of Duanaire na Macaomh (Ó Flannghaile)

Page 16 Duanaire na macaomh.jpg

O'Donnell has pasted in his English translation of the poem. Also pasted in newspaper clipping featuring the poem translated into simplified, phonetic…